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Copa libertadores

Libertadores Cup is one of the biggest football events in Latin America. The best teams of various countries battle against each other to see how's the strongest of all.
We used Greek inspired sculptures to tell stories of sorrow, pain, euphoria happiness and victory. Everything freezed in precise moments like red cards, kicks and goals.

Client → Fox Latinamerica
Director → Facu Labo
Executive Producer → Patricio Verdi Brusati
Producer → Fernanda Soma → → → → →
Line Producer → Natalia Kosinski
Animation Director → Facu Labo
Art Director → Josefina Llano
Graphic Design → Josefina Llano, Agustin Guerrero
3D Animation → Facu Labo, Matias Furno, Alex Levinton
3D Modelling → Daniel Bel, Lucas Somariva, Mauro Corveloni, Franco Carlesimo.
Compositing → Alejandro Taylor
VP Creative Services → AndrĂ© Takeda
VP Production Services: Santiago Domingo
Creative Director: Alex Mendes
Art Director: Javier Cistari
Production Manager: Juan Manuel Almasque
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