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We did four ID’s for AXN Latam that had a really basic and simple concept behind them: At first, you se a fairly regular picture; nice, but normal. But if you zoom in a lot (and I really mean, a lot) you can start to see what’s really happening in these scenes. Discover unusual and dangerous situations with AXN Zoom.


Director: Facu Labo

Executive Producer: Patricio Verdi, Fernanda Soma

Line Producer: Mariela Fábregas 

Art Director: Fran Vecchi

Layout: Fran Vecchi, Facu Labo, Gonzalo Canepa

Storyboard: Victor Ahmed

3D Texturing and Matte Painting: Flavio Greco Paglia, Fran Vecchi, Nicolas Germani, Alvaro Ortega Bianchi.

3D Shading and Rendering: Gonzalo Canepa

Lead 3D: Gonzalo Canepa

3D Modeling: Dani Bel, Lucas Somariva, Juan Martin Miyagi, Fran Vecchi, Darío Lucero

3D Animation:  Gonzalo Canepa, Arturo Chomyszyn, Javier Bianchi, Facu Labo

Compositing: Ale Taylor, Octavio Nessi 

Music, production and SFX: Mil Cables (Juan Tortarolo)


Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc.

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