We had the pleasant experience of being part of Bundesliga this year. The German Football League asked us to Produce, Direct and Animate all the 2015 Graphics used for their International and Local transmissions. In total, we did 3 big projects all mixed up into one big Bundes-Tsunami: ‘International Opener’, ‘Forever: Video On Demand’ and ‘Bundesliga Season Shows’.
The idea was to generate a ‘white landscape’ football team. No rivalry between them, they all play together with just one thing in their minds, to score a goal. 
You'll be thrilled with all the Lowpolys and Particles exploding all over the place while the players make super cool moves!


Director: Facu Labo
Executive Producer: Patricio Verdi, Fernanda Soma
Line Producer: Natalia Kosinski
Art Director: Josefina Llano

Client: DFL Digital Sports - Bundesliga

Creative Director: Thomas Markert 

Producer: Michael Jaksch

VFX Producer: Simon Hallmann


Project: Bundesliga International Opener.
Storyboard: Victor Ahmed

Graphic Design: Agustin Guerrero 


MoCap Team:

Technical Director: Arturo Chomyszyn

Motion Capture: GetMotion.tv (Mariano Mena)

​3D Modeling: Daniel Bel, Lucas Somariva, Jose Pericles, Franco Vecchi, Mauro Corveloni

Rigging: Miquel Campos

3D Animation (Maya): Arturo Chomyszyn, Pablo Grato, Hernan Caratoli, Maximiliano Schneider


Motion Graphics Team:

Technical Director: Matias Furno

3D Animation (Cinema 4D): Facu Labo, Matias Furno, Javier Bianchi, Alex Levinton
Texturing, Shading, Lighting and Rendering: Matias Furno, Javier Bianchi, Alex Levinton

Compositing: Octavio Nessi


Cloth Simulation: Matias Furno, Alex Levinton

Fashion Designer Consultant: Julieta Gonzalez


Project: Bundesliga Forever: Video On Demand.

Graphic Design: Agustin Guerrero, Nacho Giardino

2D Animation: Juan Casal, Lucas Gugliara

Lead 3D: Javier Bianchi

3D Animation: Javier Bianchi, Roberto Juarez, Agustin Inclán

Rigging: Miquel Campos

Edit: Alejo Santos
Compositing: Javier Bianchi, Roberto Juarez
Music, production and SFX: Mil Cables (Juan Tortarolo)


Project: Bundesliga Season Shows.

Lead 3D: Matias Furno

3D Modeling: Lucas Somariva, Mauro Corveloni

3D Animation: Matias Furno, Alex Levinton, Dalmiro Buigues, Agustin Inclan

Rigging: Miquel Campos
Compositing: Octavio Nessi
Music, production and SFX: Mil Cables (Juan Tortarolo)

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