We did the brand for FOX Movies, a channel specialised in, you guessed it, MOVIES!
The client wanted to maintain a link between the other FOX channels that were using the logo as their 'main hero'. So: Super big logo + Hollywood lights + The oscars glamour. We came up with this beautiful and exquisite brand.
We generated a dark theater scenario where the spotlights and the led lights illuminate the FOX Movies logo, like if we where discovering or unveiling something new or unique. The animation is all about the chasing lights and the intermittent flashlights found on classic theater marquee signs.


Client: FOX International Channels
VP Marketing: Alexandra Marinescu
VP Creative: Corina Capuano
Creative Director: Juan Cionci
Coordinator: Francisco Carcia Olano

Production company: 4HUMANS
Director: Facu Labo
Executive Producer: Patricio Verdi Brusati
Producer: Fernanda Soma
Line Producer: Natalia Kosinski
Art Direction: Josefina Llano
3D Modeling: Juan Martin Miyagi
2D/3D Animation: Facu Labo, Matias Furno,

Javier Bianchi, Alex Levinton, Lucas Gugliara

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