NatGeo - Entertain Your Brain

Click.. track, track, track... Swoosh, pluck! That's the brief we've got for this fun and fast paced project. A brand package that will go along some cool TV shows that talk about science, smart and fun experiments that will make your eyes pop out. Imagine a crazy scientist doing some research at home, in the garage, on a Sunday morning.. That's the spirit.


Director: Facu Labo
Executive Producers: Patricio Verdi
Line Producer: Mariela Fábregas, Fernanda Soma
Art Direction / Design: Rodier Kidmann, Agustin Guerrero, Lorena Ruiz, Javier Bianchi, Santiago Darquier
3D Modelling: Javier Bianchi, Fran Rossi, Santiago Darquier, Cristian Fieiras
3D Animation: Javier Bianchi, Cristian Fieiras
Rendering, texturing, Lighting: Santiago Darquier
Compositing: Javier Bianchi, Manu Correa Soto
Client: Fox International Channels
VP Creative and Consumer Marketing NGCI: Emanuele Madeddu
VP Branding and Creative Fox International Channels: Florencia Picco
Branding Director Fox International Channels: Mariano Barreiro

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