Hey Internet lovers!! We had the pleasure to design and animate an explanatory video for Starry; a new tech that brings extremely high-speed internet over the air using millimeter waves. A lot of artists designed and animated this huge 2 minutes long ‘Motion Graphics Collage’. The use of different techniques kept us happily entertained while working on this project. Cheers to all the Starry and 4HUMANS teams for an awesome work. Enjoy!!


Client: Starry 
Director: Facu Labo
Executive Producer: Patricio Verdi Brusati
Producer: Fernanda Soma
Line Producer: Natalia Kosinski
Art Direction: Josefina Llano, Agustin Guerrero, Javier Bianchi, Roberto Juarez, Juan Casal, Octavio Nessi
2D/3D Animation: Facu Labo, Matias Furno, Javier Bianchi, Juan Casal, Roberto Juarez, Octavio Nessi
Compositing: Facu Labo, Josefina Llano, Matias Furno, Javier Bianchi, Roberto Juarez, Ale Taylor, Octavio Nessi, Arturo Chomyszyn

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